Account Ownership

Own your destinyand liberation awaits

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You’ve spent years building your social media account with incredible content, great stories and valuable connections. Now suddenly your account gets hacked and all of your effort has gone to waste! Is this acceptable to you?!

We reject the chains of control and hand you the power to truly own your destiny. 

With dappunk, your account is not just a mere username and password. It’s a rebellion fused with technology. We create a digital wallet exclusively for you, giving you the power and key to your account which holds your destiny. Enough with centralized authorities and surrendering your data to the overlords.


We believe in your right to own your content because we respect the time you have put in to create it!

It’s time to embrace the power of full ownership, so defy the establishment and carve your path in this punk infused digital world. The time for true liberation has arrived.